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GerbLib is an add-on DLL for the GerbMagic software. Please order GerbMagic first and then order GerbLib. GerbLib doesn't work without GerbMagic. You Need to have a Single Copy license of GerbMagic first, and then an additional  103 registration fee is required for GerbLib. 


GerbMagic is distributed as shareware. you are licensed to use GerbMagic for evaluation purposes without charge for 20 times (Start/Close the program 20 times). After the 20 times, It will turn into a free Gerber viewer. if you wish to continue using GerbMagic on the same computer, a registration fee  is required. Or you can install GerbMagic on another computer to do more evaluation. 

Please follow the steps below to get a registered version.

Make payments via Share*it's  service. See Pricing for the details. After that, you will receive an email confirmation of the order. Remember your Reference Number in the Email.

Step 2: 
Run GerbMagic. On the Help menu, click Fill Registration Info . Fill your information and click OK. At this point a file named reg.dat would have been produced in your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\GerbMagic ). 

Step 3: 
Email your reg.dat to us as an attachment. Also make sure to include your Reference Number in the email. reg.dat is required to produce the key for your computer.

Step 4:
After we receive you reg.dat, you will be sent a key file named key.dat. use this file to register. On the Help menu, click Register Now and locate your key.dat.

Note for  Single Copy License:
GerbMagic's registration key is generated based on your computer's information collected in reg.dat, thus each computer has a different reg.dat and a different key.dat. Your reg.dat must be from that computer on which you want to run GerbMagic afterwards. The key does not work on other computers.

Single User License is designed for personal users who need to run GerbMagic on multiple computers. So it can be used to register multiple computers used by a single person, but it is not intended for enterprise customer who redistribute GerbMagic to their customers.



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