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GerbMagic emphasizes on accuracy and high resolution.

What's New :

In Version 3.4:
    Export Gerber RS274x file.
    Printing support.
Can do the following things on a Protel ASCII PCB file:
    Adjust pad size.
    Open a hole on a pad.
    Adjust line width  (x and y directions).
    Set minimum line width.
    Selectively display single layer pad, multi-layer pad, and via.
    Scale a layer.
In Version 3.3
    Added support for Protel ASCII PCB format (Protel v1.57 to v2.8).

In Version 3.2
    Added a group of functions exported by GerbLib (To change page size, resolution,
alignment, etc . by calling DLL functions).
    Automatically align an image to a border.
    Two outputing modes: whole page and image area.

In version 3.0:
        AM Macro (with variable parameters) fully supported. 
        Save the page as a workspace so that all files can later be reloaded again.
        Select an image and align it to another image by a single mouse click (From the Tool menu, select Align to ).
In version 2.5A :
        Each new image imported is automatically assigned a different color.
In  version 2.5: 
        You can zoom in an image to any extent. This allows you to view lines thinner than 1 mil. A few bugs are also fixed in this version.

In Version2.4:
         you can select a color for each image. The selected colors are  effective for PDF and PostScript output.
        If an image (Gerber file) contains multiple layers, you can turn some layers off. In other words,  you can display only some of the layers while hiding  others.
        You can move multiple images to the same location by giving the X,Y coordinates.
fixed a few bugs.

Main Features:
Vector conversion from Gerber and Protel ASCII PCB  to PDF and PostScript[TM] .

Rasterization from Gerber and Protel ASCII PCB to TIFF, BMP and RID formats at extremely high resolution. Up to 30,000 DPI has been tested with excellent performance. 

Fully supports RS-274X standard, including G36/G37 polygon, arch, step&repeat, and custom D codes.

You can group a lot of files into a single page in WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) fashion.

You can move, rotate, flip horizontally, flip vertically, toggle negative/positive polarity of, and duplicate any file on the page.

You can measure the distance between two points on the screen.

Supports both imperial and metric coordinates.

Zoom in/out based on the cursor position (Keyboard: +/- ).

Unlimited file size.

Unlimited number of layers

Supports error correction. Some plotters may not be accurate enough. To correct such plotters' errors, the images on the page can be twisted or zoomed by a very small factor before they are plotted. See GerbMagic's manual for more details.



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